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How iPhone have became the Jesus of gadgets

By BigByte - Posted on 08 April 2010

Samsung Upstage 2Samsung Upstage 2Lot of people around me have iPhones and they are loyal to the device that fits in  your pocket and turns every owner into advocates, especially if they are involved in tech or marketing world. The phone I had before, Samsung Upstage 2, was probably one of the best phone that I feel the market has to offer. In its very small phone, it packed with all the good stuff for a phone, not a smartphone, and best of all, it came with a protective case that doubled as back up battery. Now I have a device that I use and does just about everything that iPhone does as well but not cool in the way iPhone does it. I have a Droid and its a phone that I decided to turn it into my little portable office with. I've not been fan of Blackberries because I didn't want to be tied to work emails but I had no choice so I decided to give what, at that time, the best Android had to offer. Its not a iPhone killer and there will never be an iPhone killer.

You can make logical reasons and what not, and kill the phone but you can't kill the loyalty and the image that the iPhone has created. Its a martyr that people are fanatic about for what it represents. Its anti-microsoft. Its anti-office, anti-IT, anti-process-and-procedures, and anti-corporation. How can you kill a phone that has a martyrdom where people will bring all the reasoning to put it the more than phone it self. If there was a Jesus of a phone, than iPhone is it.  Apple's creation that people worship.

It is a great device, the one that stands on the pedestal along with Walkman, Gameboy, and Swiss Army Knife.

So when there was announcement today that there will be iPhone OS4 event, few of my colleagues are going nuts over it, sending me links and one was watching the minute by minute walk through of the conference. I see many articles and many discussions and many tweets and wall posts about it.

Here is one from Engadget.

I think the biggest creation that iPhone created is the martyrdom and loyalty that it has created and will never die. No matter if another device that is much better that comes out but if its not Apple, it will never surpass it.  Can there be another Jimi Hendrix or Elvis Presley? Miles Davis? The marketing and our online socialization has turned iPhone into Elvis Presley of America. No matter how bad signals fall through, it will always be the America's pocket device of choice.

I admire the marketing team for Apple and their Loyalty program to create this. They were the crusaders in making iPhone into a martyrdom that it now stands and will always have loyal followings. They came long ways from iPod and iMacs and have learned from their mistakes and have really understood what it takes and how to get their consumers to be loyal and turn them into your word-of-mouth sales person. The best kind. They used great design, innovation, great products, and one of the best marketing strategy to be on the pedestal they stand now. It couldn't have happened without you consumers.



It seems that this is not an "accident" by any means for Apple to release few information about their phone and etc. to get the excitement up.

I always have said that Apple is becoming more like Microsoft and Google is starting to become Apple...