Awesome interactive banner ad!

This is very interesting how they leveraged web cam to create that same feel...

A true social interactive campaign

Audi R8 LMS's fan messaging campaign was probably one of the most coolest and innovative interactive campaign that I've seen in years.  This was targeted for racing fans but it really allowed for non-racing fans to participate and enjoy the interaction.  On their R8 racing car, they installed a light type machine that only can be seen with long exposure pictures.  During the race Audi takes long exposure pictures of the car while fans text messages and it can be seen at the website.

2k12 fifteen web technology prediction by Frog

If you’re familiar with Frog, one of the leading international tech/web design studio, here is a good article about Frog's 2k12 fifteen web tech trends prediction.

I personally want to see #4 the reductive social network taking shape. It’s interesting to see that this idea forming.  

Most importantly, taking notes on #7,#9.As we’re revamping Stuff Pal app, this actually go in sync with what Stuff Pal is about, and the potential that I see Stuff Pal can be going.

One and Only - Kill 3 birds with 1 stone

OOH installationsOOH installationsWhen it comes to multiculture marketing, there are unified only when it becomes simple language translation.  In the case of Toyota's new "One and Only" Camry campaign, they are able to kill 3 different segment with 1 celebrity that is relevant for each market.  The story is that the main character, Min Ho Lee, wakes up with key to a car at a hospital which is very consistent with Korean drama story line so this premise is not a new concept here.

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Email marketing, you got a sec?

Online we are inundated with content. Our attention spans are but a few seconds. News, blogs, ads, and emails we flip through in seconds. Recent news – scan, annoying rich media overtake ad – scan (and close), Check your email – scan. Digital advertising has some challenges. Banner ads are one thing; the consumer is drawn to that page for a reason, so they may be sticking around. The personal nature of sending an email is particularly challenging: it’s in their private space.

LIVE from Web 2.0 NY Expo Thu - HTML 5 showcase for developers - the wow and the how

HTML 5 Showcase for developers - the wow and the how

Peter LePage from Google

LIVE from Web 2.0 NY Expo Thu - Pluses and Minus of Google+

Pluses and Minuses of Google +

Adria Richards from ButYoureAGirl

Over the summer, Google+, a new social network, was launched to much fanfare. While some have touted it as a Facebook-killer, others wonder whether we need (and have time for) yet another social site.

LIVE from Web 2.0 NY Expo Thu - The State of WebGL

The State of WebGL

Evan Parker & Bill Baxter

Google Maps


LIVE from Web 2.0 NY Expo Wed - User Acquisition

User Acquisition

Kate Huyett from

LIVE from Web 2.0 NY Expo Wed - On Demand User Research

On Demand User Research

Nate Bolt